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1.Excellent Elasticity

2.Package In Surgical Grade Paper

3.More Comfortable

4.Excellent Finish


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Excellent Finish , Light and continuous forces;More comfortable for the patient , Excellent elasticity;Package in surgical grade paper , Suitable for sterilization;Suitable for upper and lower arch.


Colored nickel titanium dental wire is a beautiful and practical orthodontic arch wire, with the super elasticity and memory function of nickel titanium alloy, while presenting a colorful effect. This type of arch wire can provide soft and long-lasting orthodontic force in orthodontic treatment, improve tooth alignment and occlusion, and provide patients with a more aesthetic treatment experience.


The production process of colored nickel titanium dental wire is complex, and after precise processing, it forms arch wires with different colors and transparency. These colors and transparency can be customized according to the needs of patients and the advice of doctors, providing patients with more personalized choices.


In addition to the super elasticity and memory function of nickel titanium alloy, colored nickel titanium dental wire also has high corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. In the oral environment, this type of arch wire can resist the erosion of various chemicals and maintain its original performance and shape. In addition, due to its gentle corrective force, patients usually do not experience significant pain or discomfort, thereby reducing treatment time and difficulty.


During orthodontic treatment, patients need to wear and use colored nickel titanium dental wire according to the doctor's advice. By regularly visiting the hospital for adjustments and replacement of dental floss, the treatment effect can be continuously optimized.


In summary, colored nickel titanium dental wire is an attractive and practical orthodontic treatment tool that can provide soft and long-lasting orthodontic force, improve tooth alignment and occlusion, and provide patients with a more aesthetically pleasing treatment experience. If you have orthodontic needs, you can consult a professional dentist to learn more about colored nickel titanium dental wire.

Product Feature

Item Orthodontic NiTi Color Arch Wire
Arch form square, ovoid , natural
Round  0.012” 0.014” 0.016” 0.018“ 0.020”
Rectangle 0.016x0.016” 0.016x0.022” 0.016x0.025”
0.017x0.022” 0.017x0.025”
0.018x0.018” 0.018x0.022” 0.018x0.025”
0.019x0.025” 0.021x0.025”
material NITI/TMA/Stainless Steel
Shelf Life 2 year is best

Product Details


Excellent Elasticity

Tooth wire has excellent elasticity, which allows it to easily adapt to different shapes and sizes of the oral cavity, providing a more comfortable wearing experience. This feature makes it particularly suitable for use in oral procedures where a precise and secure fit is crucial.

Package in Surgical Grade Paper

Tooth wire is packaged in surgical grade paper, which ensures a high level of hygiene and safety. This packaging prevents any cross-contamination between different tooth wires, ensuring a clean and sterile environment throughout the entire dental office.


More Comfortable

Arch wire is designed to provide maximum comfort to patients. Its smooth surface and gentle curves allow for a snug fit, reducing the pressure on the gums and teeth. This feature makes it an excellent choice for patients who are particularly sensitive to pressure or discomfort during dental procedures.

Excellent Finish

Arch wire has an excellent finish that ensures durability and longevity. The wire is precision-crafted to ensure a smooth and even surface, which reduces the risk of damage or wear over time. This finish also ensures that the tooth wire maintains its original color and luster, even after repeated uses.


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Mainly packed by carton or another common security package,you also can give us your special requirements about it. We will try our best to make sure the goods arrive safely.


1. Delivery: Within 15 days after order confirmed.
2. Freight: The freight cost will charge according to the weight of detailed order.
3. The goods will ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive.Airline and sea shipping are also optional.

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