The Indonesian Dental Exhibition opened grandly, with Denrotaryt orthodontic products receiving high attention

The Jakarta Dental and Dental Exhibition (IDEC) was held from September 15th to September 17th at the Jakarta Convention Center in Indonesia. As an important event in the global field of oral medicine, this exhibition has attracted dental experts, manufacturers, and dentists from around the world to jointly explore the latest developments and applications of oral medicine technology.


As one of the exhibitors, we showcased our main products - orthodontic brackets, orthodontic buccal tubes, and orthodontic rubber chains.

These products have attracted the attention of many visitors with their high-quality quality and affordable prices. During the exhibition, our booth was always bustling, with doctors and dental experts from around the world showing great interest in our products.


The theme of this exhibition is “The Future of Indonesian Dentistry and Stomatology”, aiming to promote the development and international exchanges of the Indonesian dental industry. During the three-day exhibition, we have the opportunity to have in-depth exchanges with dental experts and manufacturers from countries and regions such as Germany, the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Indonesia, etc., to share the advantages and performance of our products.


Our orthodontic products received widespread praise at the exhibition. Many visitors expressed appreciation for the quality and performance of our products, believing that they will provide better oral treatment services for their patients. At the same time, we have also received some orders from overseas, which further proves the quality and competitiveness of our products.

As a company focused on the field of oral medicine, we are always committed to providing patients with the highest quality products and services. We believe that through communication and cooperation with dental experts and manufacturers from all over the world, we will continue to promote the development of the dental field and provide patients with a better treatment experience.

We look forward to showcasing our high-quality products again at future global dental exhibitions. Thank you to all visitors and exhibitors for their support and attention. Let’s look forward to our next gathering!

Post time: Sep-27-2023