Orthodontic Power Chain

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1. High Strength Elasticity

2. Mixed Color Power Chain

3. Safety material

4. Custom label

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Excellent stretch and rebound, giving superior elongation for easy application. High flexibility and resiliency without stiffness, making the chain easier to place and remove while providing a longer lasting tie. Practice-building colors are color-fast and stain resistant. Offering a consistent force power chain that is latex-free and hypo-allergenic. Medical grade polyurethane ensures safety and durability without the need for regular replacement, while its advanced abrasion resistance provides long-lasting performance in even the most demanding training environments. This unique design combines strength with durability, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease of use for all types of athletes and trainers.


The two-color powerchain is a unique design made of rubber with two different colors, which gives the powerchain a stronger color contrast and helps improve the efficiency of memory and recognition. This innovative design offers a higher level of visibility, making it easier to track the movement of the chain and ensuring better operation of the equipment.

Practice-building colors refer to colors that are color-fast and stain resistant, which means that they are highly resistant to external factors such as friction, sweat, and dirt. This makes them particularly suitable for use in high-impact training environments where there is a higher risk of color fading or staining.

Offering a consistent force, the powerchain is latex-free and hypo-allergenic, made of medical grade polyurethane that ensures greater strength and durability. This makes it safe for use by people with allergies to latex or other allergens, as well as suitable for use in medical environments where high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are required.

Product Feature

Item Orthodontic Power Chain
length 4.5m/roll (15feet)
model closed(2.8mm)/short(3.5mm)/long(4.0mm)
Tension about 300%-500%
pack 1 pcs / bag
Others Power Chain / O-ring/ealstic band
Material Medical Grade Polyurethane
Shelf Life 2 year is best

Product Details

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Excellent elasticity and rebound force

The power chain has excellent elasticity and rebound force, which can quickly restore the original shape after enduring pressure, thereby providing lasting performance.

High flexibility is not stiff

The high flexibility of the power chain allows it to maintain flexibility and durability under various conditions without becoming stiff or losing elasticity.


Easy and durable

The superior ductility of the power chain makes it easier to apply and operate, while providing more long -lasting ties to ensure that it can be stable and effective in long -term use.

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