Orthodontic Sapphire Multi Button

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1.which maximized bonding force
2.Smooth edge
3.Multiple types
4.bottom of the mesh

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The patented base created a central groove and numerous holes , which maximized bonding force. Created a hole in the patented neck area, where wires 012-018 can be inserted Considering the surgeon's convenience developed and applied the edge head, which made easily catching via pliers during surgeries.


An orthodontic metal lingual button is a small metal attachment that is bonded to the lingual or inner surface of a tooth. It is commonly used in orthodontic treatments, specifically for procedures that involve elastic or rubber bands.

Here are some key points about the orthodontic metal lingual button:

1. Structure: The lingual button is typically made from stainless steel or another durable metal material. It is small in size and has a smooth surface to minimize any discomfort for the patient.

2. Purpose: The lingual button serves as an anchor point for attaching elastic or rubber bands. These bands are used in certain orthodontic techniques to apply forces that help move teeth into their desired positions.

3. Bonding: The lingual button is bonded to the tooth using orthodontic adhesive, similar to how brackets are bonded in traditional braces. The adhesive ensures that the lingual button stays securely in place throughout the treatment process.

4. Placement: The orthodontist will determine the appropriate placement of the lingual button based on the treatment plan and desired tooth movement. It is usually positioned on specific teeth that require additional assistance in moving or aligning.

5. Band Attachment: Elastic or rubber bands are attached to the lingual button to create the desired force and pressure. The bands are stretched and looped around the lingual button, allowing them to exert controlled forces on the teeth to achieve orthodontic movement.

6. Adjustments: During regular orthodontic visits, the orthodontist may change or adjust the bands attached to the lingual buttons to progress the treatment. This allows for fine-tuning of the forces applied to the teeth for optimal results.

It's important to follow the orthodontist's instructions for care and maintenance of the metal lingual button. This can involve proper oral hygiene practices, avoiding certain foods that can dislodge or damage the lingual button, and attending regular orthodontic appointments for adjustments and monitoring of the treatment progress.

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Process Orthodontic Sapphire Multi Button
Type Round / Rectangle
Package 10pcs/pack
Usage Orthodontic Dental Teeth
Material Sapphire
MOQ 1Bag

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